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Throw yourself into a world of fantasy and create your own character to embark on an epic high seas adventure of your own making. In the pursuit of power, riches and glory, from something as traditional as discovering buried treasure, to simply slaying man and beast alike, there is a path for everyone.

Choose between the two warring factions and decide on which side of history you wish to be on -- to be a Law Abiding Marine, or to be a Freedom Loving Pirate, you will be thrown into a grueling conflict between two sides that fight for control, and only one can reign supreme.

With a huge variety of uniquely powerful classes and engaging professions to choose from, as well as an open world to explore and do with as you please, you are truly the master of your own fate!

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Install instructions

Install exe and join a server. 


Rise of the Pirates.exe 8 MB

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was looking forward to playing this game. but wont even load so i can

Hey! We would love to figure out what that issue is, please feel free to reach out! We are usually on discord https://discord.gg/hFaA7k 


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I played this game from 2012 to around 2016 and took a break. This game is hands down my favorite childhood game and honestly harbors some of my most favorite parts in my life. The PvP is amazing, the art is beautiful, the mechanics, everything. You should definitely try this game out.


A fine piece of Craftsmanship that will have you eager to see its full potential brought out. prepare for the adventure because once start there's no going back.

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Warning: You will spend hours on this game voluntarily and involuntarily. You WILL be hooked.

I want to remind everyone trying this game out that it is an ever expanding project with a dedicated and passionate programmer at the helm of it's development that really values the feedback of the community! In ROTP , you'll find a class suited to your play style if not, Its on its way into the game, they're  dozens of classes and a handful of different races to choose from. While it may take awhile to gather gear to be on par with capped players the challenge is definitely there and you will appreciate the late-game content. 

Also, prepare to PvP a lot.  ;)


To be honest there is barely any actual content to support Player vs Player. No real reason for crews to fight. No real Marines vs Pirates other than the lackluster event, theres nothing really extravagant about the islands most are pretty bare. I'll give it to the black seas content that was pretty good and a pretty good direction for the game to take r.e Fighting in a party. The events are really lacking tho needs a bit more variety, Kraken required certain classes to beat which wouldn't be bad if other events gave other classes a chance to shine which most don't. 

But to be entirely fair the game is really good looking and is better looking than alot of other pixel art games. Classes are pretty good as well for the most part some balancing issues which could be fixed if the game was actually updated. Which I had hope would happen eventually.

My really gripes are as said with the lack of variety in events, the promising of content which is said to be coming soon, the lack of supporting content for the real pull towards the game which is supposed to be PvP. The story which has not been continued and been the same since launch date, and the crew system which is just a mess.


I want this game back to byond!!

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Although it can be grindy at times, the end-game Player vs. Player content alone is enough to encourage people to build and max more than a single character. Seeing all of the islands in the game for the first time (especially the ones located in the Black Sea) makes your first journey into Rise of the Pirates feel fresh and exciting.

Beyond that, we're offered many options for customization to truly make your character your own via the expansive selection of cosmetics and all the unique classes. There's a class to fit every playstyle, and your character really feels unique to all the others.

I cannot recommend the game enough; the skill expressive gameplay and community have held an iron grip over me for a very long time.

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Fun, fast paced, open world combat with various races and many interesting classes to decide between. Can build your character up from nothing to try becoming king of people who steal from the innocent and never bathe, or make a difference in the world while rising through the ranks within the marines.