Patch Notes PVP seasons coming soon!

Daily Challenge Changes

New Daily Challenge Completion Reward Options, Diamond Drill Bit and Box of Wisdom Stones.
New Daily Challenges added to rotation
Hit Kraken 50 times during event
Break 5 crates in Sochi island
Capture 1 point of interest during the battle grounds event.
Use the Scrapper 1 to scrap equipment for materials.
Capture a cow in CTC.
Survive 10 seconds in the knife event


Dual Swordsman
Sweep CD Reduced by 2 seconds, Reset Proc reduced to 25% from 30%. Damage reduced by 5%
Blood Dance damage increased by 5%

Blood Clan
Living Hell CD reduced by 2 seconds.
Skill changed to a max of 10 puddles, not all puddles.
Reduced damage on non player enemies.

Aqua Summoner Heal reduced to one tic per heal.
Cien Damage reduced.

Lightning Spear of Trium damage reduced
Gaining reputation is now set to the system channel.

Bug Smashing

Bishop Buffs dealing more damage on ship.

Dagon Wheel Fixed

Bank get closer to NPC issue fixed

Tahiri’s crew spawn point issue, fixed

Panda Healing off flags fixed

Swordsman Ten katto chikyu was dealing 100% of damage hp missing not 50%. Fixed.

Amanuer Made us some very needed! shields (We only had two)
He is currently taking commissions if anyone is looking to buy some quality pixel art! Reach out to him on the discord!

Season 1 is about to come to an end!

Blany is still in the lead, Ghost is inching up behind him! Only one week left. Who will walk away with the legendary it seems like it'll be one of these two titans!

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